Mystical Flavors

Almonds Are Favorite In Cooking Cakes And Candies And Can Be Toasted To The Perfect Taste.

Early American colonists were fascinated about the commercial possibilities of almonds, and the trees were planted on a large scale in California and the Southeastern U.S. where peaches grow successfully and are in the same botanical family as almonds. Almonds grew and produced well.

Toasted Almonds

Many customers are surprised to find that an Almond tree has leaves that are shaped like a peach leaf. The actual almond nut grows within a fruit that resembles a peach, but the pit is edible, not poisonous and bitter like the peach pit.

The U.S. Exports Almonds Everywhere In The World Almond (Prunis dulics): Almond trees were growing in Israel, (Canaan), 2000 years ago and were mentioned in ancient Hebrew scripture. (Genesis 43-11, etc). Moses crafted oil lamps in the image of an almond.